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Day 1.1

Picture a day for a week, Day 1

I am trying to put more pictures on here so my goal is one new picture of Elliot each day. I will probably add more though.

Elliot in the sea of grass! (CAPTION THIS?)

We were playing outside and the grass needed to be cut. It looks like he’s standing and it’s so high but he was actually sitting. :)

The Sunday paper

Elliot has upgraded from the ads to reading the front page.

Elliot’s Curls

So cute. :)

Elliot with a big stick!

Elliot was happy to find a stick yesterday. I thought he was pretty cute and thought i’d share.

Valentine’s Day

Last weekend (Valentine’s Day) we went to the mall. Elliot passed out on Matthew and they were pretty cute. This was all while very loud traditional Chinese music was blaring. There was a celebration for the Chinese new year. Hope everyone is good.

Long time!

It’s been a long time since we’ve made a post. We didn’t even post about Christmas yet! (Matthew-you’re on that one).

I’m doing this from my iPhone and have limited pictures. But here are some from a few weeks ago at Elliot’s playgroup. He went through this tunnel for the first time and sat at the table for a snack. He was usually too busy or not hungry. He’s also mastered the ride on toys there. Hope everyone is good.

Elliot facing forward

Elliot is facing forward in his carseat now which is a good thing. His legs were getting cramped. He is over 32″ now.

Picture update

Here are various pictures. The eatting one is Elliot first time eatting out, Olive Garden. Thanksgiving is obvious. And Elliot in a toy Jeep at Toys-R-Us.