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Caption This #2

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Grandpa and Christian visit

Grandpa Lilius and Cristian, Elliot’s cousin came to visit. Elliot warmed up to Cristian without any problem but grandpa is going to take a little time. I think Elliot is not quite sure of people with beards.

One year old pictures

Elliot had his 1 year pictures taken last weekend. We did not expect it to be so hard to get him to smile and stand still. It was busy and we had to wait a while. Once it was our turn as soon as I put Elliot down he would start walking towards and past [...]

Crazy Boy!

Elliot has to examine everything and then will often play with it “incorrectly.”
Here he is with his music table upside down.


Here’s Elliot playing in a crazy mess. He’s clothesless because we were practicing eating with a spoon. He’s getting there slowly. Who knew these things could be so difficult? I love seeing everything new through Elliot’s perspective.


Elliot is teething on a snail teether, shaking his maraca and playing with his new music table.


Elliot was too cute at the Tree Top Kids toystore.

Birthday Cake

Jennifer makes great decorated cakes for her kids. We wanted to do the same for Elliot so we got the stuff to make a lion cake. I am very happy with the way it turned out. Almost as good as Jennifers.

Grandma Shirley visits

Grandma Shirley came to visit for Elliot’s birthday party. She brought Elliot his first set of building blocks. He can’t quite put them together yet but loves taking them apart.

Video chat fun

Elliot and Mommy/Sarah video chatting with me at work.