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Archive for September, 2008

Elliot sporting some fall fashions

Ruby trying to escape

Elliot enjoying his bath


So Big

Spoon Practice

Elliot practicing eating with a spoon. He got the basic idea and made quite a mess as you can see.

Making baby food

Here are some pictures of food I am making for Elliot. Most foods I steam and then put in the cuisinart to purée. Then I freeze them in what looks like an ice cube tray. All we have to do is reheat and serve. Elliot loves his food.
Bananas already frozen

Carrots steaming

Elliot is sick. :-(

Elliot is sick for the first time in his life. He got it from me (Matthew). I feel bad that I was the cause of his first sickness. And to top it off Sarah is sick now. All three of us are in various stages of sickness.

Elliot taking his first steps

Elliot eating a biscuit

Elliot making a face while eating a biscuit without choking this time.