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Elliot is eating solid food

Last Saturday we fed Elliot solid food for the first time in his life. He had been watching us closely when we ate. So much so that he was practicing his chewing before we even gave him any solids. He also picked up how to open his mouth for the food so that when we [...]

Elliot Laughing (4 months and 3 weeks)

Here is a video of Elliot laughing for about 3 minutes. Enjoy.

Elliot is rollin’ over

Elliot has begun rolling from his back to his belly consistently.
Sometimes he even does it in his crib. He is also trying to crawl…soon!
As you can tell from the picture he is liking his belly time more and

Elliot is 5 months old today

We went to the mall to check out the Picture Place for Elliot’s 6
months pictures next month. The picture is from the mirror column in
the mall. Elliot loved it.

I’m tired

Elliot yawning for his picture.