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Halloween 2009

Every time we asked Elliot what he wanted to be for Halloween he would say the Moon. So he was the Moon (thank you Grandma).

Elliot’s first tent

Only $10 from Ikea!

Some more clown and robot action

Bill Ding clowns new friends

Elliot just loves his Bill Ding stacking clowns (thank you grandpa).

We found them some friends in Williamsburg. They are perfect because Elliot loves robots.

Bedtime routine

Elliot likes to read books before he falls asleep. Tonight he really got into his book. He is asleep in the picture by the way.

Elliot looking out the window

Day 4

My iPhone app stopped working so I could not upload the new images yesterday. Anyways here they are. Elliot’s trip to Guitar Center to get his very own harmonica.

Day 3

Our little tree hugger.

Day 2.1

Elliot playing his first harmonica. He was great and real “cool” about it. I will try to post audio of him playing it later.

Day 2